Tuesday, October 8, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Event ID 8313, Failure to invoke a service application: EndPointFailure

You see the following events in the Application Log:

Note the Affected Endpoint name (red circle) and the service name (highlighted in yellow)...this gives us the solution.

Basically, this is telling you that a Service is 'Started' on a server where that Service is not configured- in this case Managed Metadata and User Profile services are running on our WFE, where they should not be, since they are configured on our APP server where Central Admin resides.

To resolve the issue:
  • Go to Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Services on Server
  • Change to the 'Affected Endpoint'
  • Stop the running Services that correspond to the errors


  1. hello, I really appreciate your post.. i have the same problem on my Company's environment. What about getting this error on the server that these services are actually provisioned on?

    Thanks again

  2. I had same issue and it didn't help me. I had to recreate the service application.

  3. Use this command to resolve this issue

    PSCONFIG.exe –cmd Secureresources


Thank you for your comments!